International Trinity Church Nuremberg is a Pentecostal Christian church. We of different nationalities, but we are united by a common faith in Jesus Christ. We are the Trinity family. The Trinity family consists of the pastoral leadership team, the Trinity men, the Trinity women, the Trinity youth and the Trinity children.

The pastoral team is the leadership team of the International Trinity Church Nuremberg. It consists of the pastor, the evangelists and the deaconesses and deacons.

Trinity men


Trinity Men is a union of all the men of Trinity Church. We proclaim Jesus as Lord and Leader as written in 1 Corinthians 11:3. We come together occasionally when need arises. We stand in love for one another and are strongly guided by the WORD

Trinity Women


The Trinity Women is a union of all the women in the International Trinity Church Nuremberg. We meet once a month to discuss women's issues. We are all "Called to Serve." Loving one another is the foundation of our ministry. We demonstrate this by being there for each other. We are keeping the Trinity family together.

This is the youth group of the International Trinity Church Nuremberg. This group is led by Pastor Eric Agyekum. They are between 12 and 21 years old. They are guided to be fruitful Christians to meet the challenges of this world.

Trinity Kids 


Trinity Kids is the children's group of the International Trinity Church Nuremberg. The children are between 3 and 11 years old. Although they are the youngest in age, they are the most active group in the Trinity family. This group has proven that no child is too young to be used by God. They are bold and fearless friends of...